When to Go on a River Danube Cruise

Perhaps you have already made the decision that you want your next vacation to be on a river cruise ship in Europe. The most popular ones are those that cruise down the Danube River, and take you all the way to the Black Sea. Wanting to make the trip is one thing, but there are a few other aspects that you need to take into consideration when planning your Danube cruise vacation. Two essential factors are your budget and the length of time that you plan on staying; however, a third important factor is deciding when to go on a River Danube cruise, since the seasons constantly change and can affect your overall experience.

Determine Your Budget and Pick a Tour

Without a doubt, there are numerous types of packages offered to cruise the Danube River, and the longer the stay is, the more expensive the package will be. Consequently, your budget and the time you’relooking to spend in Europe go hand in hand, since one is directly affected by the other.

Furthermore, it’s critical that you understand that there are at least a handful of cruise lines offering different packages and you ought to pick the one that best meets your needs. Once you have a better idea on when to go on a river Danube cruise, you can choose one of the tours offered by the following cruise lines:

  • Uniworld
  • Viking River Cruises
  • Avalon (Globus)
  • Tauck
  • Imperial

Going Between May and September

Whenever you’re making a trip for your vacation, it’s recommended that you always check the weather conditions so you have an idea on what to expect. Without a doubt, if you’re planning a trip to the beach, you don’t want it to be raining because then you won’t enjoy the sand and you won’t get a tan. However, when it comes time for you to book your cruise trip, you’ll have to decide when to go on a river Danube cruise based on what you are looking to do. A lot of people choose to go between the months of May and September since it’s the known cruise season; the only downside of this is the fact that the prices tend to go up. For older people wondering when to go on a river Danube cruise, most travel agents will advise them to go between the middle of June and August when the weather is quite hot.

Enjoying the Cold Season

If you’re one of those people that completely dislike the hot season and are more comfortable wearing thick coats, you might be better off booking your cruise between October and April. Certainly, it can be a tad confusing when you’re trying to decide when to go on a river Danube cruise, but without a doubt, you’ll be able to shop more and enjoy the trip more because the cruise won’t be crowded. Moreover, booking your trip for Christmas can be the best vacation of your lifetime, because the cruise makes a stop by the beautiful Christmas markets, which happen to be covered with Christmas spirit.




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