Viking River Cruises Danube

The majority of the people that have experienced a cruise tour have done so by booking a Caribbean cruise package. Surely, you have seen how people flock the small islands of St. Lucia or even Jamaica where the cruise takes them for a few days. Nonetheless, more people are starting to realize that taking a river cruise can be a lot more exciting because you will get to see more than just water; one of the most popular spots is the Danube River, where narrow cruises make their way every single day. A well-known cruise line is the one that offers the Viking River Cruises Danube, which allows you to gaze at some of the most beautiful European castles.

Why Choose Viking?

When you start searching for river cruises in Europe, you will see that there are different companies offeringattractive packages. Nonetheless, one of the most popular and reliable packages are those offered by Viking River Cruises Danube, which also extend to some areas in Russia and the Ukraine. Moreover, they have quite a variety of packages to offer, which is an advantage for you because it will give you flexibility to choose the one that best fits your budget. Moreover, Viking River Cruises Danube will make sure that you see some of the best-known areas of Europe, such as the towns located in Serbia and Bulgaria, for example. You also want to keep in mind that Viking River Cruises Danube has been awarded with several recognitions and has been featured in the National Geographic Magazine due to their top of the line services.

Cruising Down the Danube

It’s no secret that the wonderful Danube has inspired poets and musicians to compose beautiful notes and lyrics. By simply taking a quick trip down the river, you will understand what the source of inspiration for those artists was, especially the stunning landscapes that include mountains and magnificent castles. Since there are several packages offered by Viking River Cruises Danube, you will have to choose the one that best meets your needs, but rest assured that regardless of the one you choose, you will definitely live a superb experience. In addition to Viking River Cruises Danube, you may want to know that Viking offers cruises in the majority of the important rivers of the region.

Picking the Best Cruise Package

As stated before, there are actually several different packages offered by Viking River Cruises Danube, where some cover only a certain area of the river, while others sail all the way to the Black Sea. Some of these packages are:

  • Romantic Danube –8 day duration for $1,656
  • European Winter Sojourn – 10 day duration price varies
  • Passage to Eastern Europe – 11 day duration for $2,156
  • Grand European Tour –15 day duration for $3,212
  • Winter on the Danube – 11 day duration for $2,380
  • Danube Waltz –8 day duration for $1,656

Without a doubt, Viking River Cruises Danubeis among the best cruise lines in the region, just make sure to choose the best option and enjoy the trip.




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