Rhine Danube River Cruises

Europe is one of the most popular continents in the entire world because of their rich culture and their many years of heritage. Thousands of tourists flock the different European cities each year for business and for pleasure, while others may be making just a quick stop for a connecting flight. Whichever is the case, there is a constant flow of visitors that are looking to spend a few days in the region. Some of them might even be considering booking a Rhine or Danube river cruise, which can allow them to see some of the best sceneries in the continent. Without a doubt, more and more people are starting to go on Rhine Danube river cruisesbecause they are extremely exciting.

Why Explore Europe on a Cruise?

Surely, the majority of people that visit Europe do so by taking a plane or perhaps a train. Those visitors that are coming from North or South America take a plane, while those that are traveling within the region may arrive by car or train. Nevertheless, more people are starting to realize that Europe has a lot more to offer and that by taking Rhine Danube River cruisesthey will be able to explore a lot more. If you decide to take the Rhine Cruise, you will be starting your journey close to the stunning Swiss mountains, as you cruise down near the valleys ofAustria. After the Volga River, the Danube is the second longest river from the region traveling from west to east, while the Rhine River sees a lot more traffic than any other river in Europe due to its location.

Taking Advantage of the Rhine and Danube

There are many different cruise packages that travel down the Rhine and the Danube rivers, especially because they’re both very popular. Some Rhine Danube River cruises may last just a few days, while others may expand to almost a month, but it’s up to you to decide which package meets your needs the best. Without a doubt, it’s critical that you decide what the budget for your vacation is and how many days you’re looking to spend in Europe. Once you have decided, you will be able to take advantage of some of the best sceneries you have ever seen in your entire life.

Choosing the Best Cruise Package

When it comes time to choosing among the packages that offer Rhine Danube river cruises, you should choose the one that offers more for less money. It’s important that you keep in mind that it’s better to book your trip in advance, especially during the high season when packages get expensive due to high demand. Some of the most popular Rhine Danube river cruises packages are:

  • Rhine and Danube Magnificent Tour – 15 day trip where you will see (among others):
    • Amsterdam
    • Nuremberg
    • Bamberg
    • Vienna
    • Budapest
  • Great Rivers Europe Tour –anywhere from 8 to 25 days
  • Tulip Time Cruise – 8 days trip sailing out from Amsterdam
  • Romantic Rhine –8 to 9 days from Amsterdam to Basel


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