Danube River Cruises Vienna

Hundreds of years ago people starting to get on ships to travel long distances since airplanes were not yet in existence. Today, ships are still used to transport materials and goods across the world, but there are also those amazing cruises that are made for one single purpose: for you to have fun! Many people like to go on cruises in the Caribbean, but many are not aware that you can also take river cruises, such as the wonderful Danube river cruises in Vienna. Booking your next tour with a Danube river cruise will give you the opportunity to see the beauty of Europe from the water.

Exploring the Black Sea

Perhaps you are already aware that the famous Danube River is the second longest river in Europe and it actually flows from west to east, ending up in the Black Sea. This means that you can take a Danube River Cruise from Vienna and travel along the river until you reach the Black Sea, or you may also start out from Budapest and Nuremberg. One of the things that make Danube River cruises so wonderful is the opportunity for you to take a look at the valleys and stunning old architecture of medieval castles. You will see the same landscapes that sailors saw hundreds of years ago as they rowed their boats down the Danube River looking for the Black Sea.

Taking the Grand Danube River Cruise in Vienna

Even though ocean cruises have been quite popular, river cruises have taken the spotlight due to their sleek look and sophisticated naval system. Moreover, Danube river cruises Vienna have become even more popular because you can sail down the entire river in one trip, where you will get to see some of the most important cities of Europe. Without a doubt, there are many reasons why you should book your reservation for the next DanubeRiver cruises Vienna, such as:

  • Numerous cruise packages where to choose from
  • Enjoy a stunning view the entire trip
  • Get to see more than just one city
  • Gaze at historical landmarks such as castles
  • Enjoy additional tours upon completion of the cruise trip

Christmas on the Danube

Christmas time is one of the most beautiful and cheerful holidays, where cities are dressed with beautiful ornaments and bright colored lights. Imagine being able to spend such a holiday while you cruise down the Danube River with your significant other or your entire family. Well, one of the most popular Danube river cruises Vienna is the Christmas on the Danube cruise tour offered by Collette Tours. This beautiful Danube River Cruise starts out in Vienna and sails down the river to Nuremberg with an 8-day duration. In addition, you will be able to see the traditional Christmas markets in the following cities:

  • Passau
  • Regensburg
  • Rothenberg

In these markets not only will you be able to breathe the Christmas spirit, but you will also enjoy seeing the riverside towns with their nutcrackers and overall elegance. Without a doubt, Danube river cruises Vienna can give you the experience of a lifetime.




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