Cruises on Danube

Most people speak about ocean cruises and about sailing off towardsCaribbean waters, but not too many have experienced what if feels like to go on a river cruise. Certainly, it’s not very different than an ocean cruise but the experience can be quite adventurous and fulfilling. If you happen to be looking for a new experience when booking your next vacation, you should check out the tours that offered by river cruises, especially those that sail the waters of the rivers in Europe. By choosing one of the tours offered by the different cruises on Danube, you will be able to see the side of Europe that you usually don’t see when visiting the metropolitan areas.

Why Choose a River Cruise?

Perhaps you’re wondering what makes a river cruise better than an ocean cruise, but the dilemma is not that one is different than the other. This happens to be more about the things that you can enjoy when being on the river, as opposed to being in the open ocean. The Danube River happens to be the second longest river in the entire European region, which means that it stretches a very long way, touching at least ten different countries. Consequently, when you happen to take one of the cruises on Danube, you will be able to make stops in the majority of these cities and towns. Whether you’re young or old, you will find that the cruises on Danube offer an experience of a lifetime.

Sailing on the Danube

The wonderful Danube River was immortalized by the talented Austrian composer John Strauss II, with his waltz called The Blue Danube. Without a doubt, Strauss was inspired by the stunning valleys and architectural beauty that can be seen when you cruise down the Danube. Besides seeing cathedrals and palaces, you will also be able to stop by small islands to explore a little bit. If you happen to have the time and the money, be sure to book one of the cruises on Danube that lasts an entire month, so you can get to see everything the Danube has to offer. Moreover, some of the islands that you will be able to see are:

  • Vardin Island
  • Ostrovo
  • Ada Kaleh
  • Margaret Island
  • Island of Sarengard
  • Csepel Island
  • Great War Island
  • Island of Vukovar

Finding a Cruise on Danube Online

Certainly, the best way to book one of your cruises on Danube is by making use of the internet to spot an affordable fare. The truth is that the majority – if not all –of the cruise lines count with their own website, where they list the available tours, along with the scheduled dates and prices. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are countless sites that are on the constant lookout for the best available price on cruises on Danube. At the end, the decision is completely yours if you want to book directly with the cruise or with a travel site; some of the best-rated cruise travel sites are:

  • Cruise Cheap
  • Cruise Direct
  • Travelocity
  • Cruise Expedia




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