Danube Cruises

Perhaps you are already aware that Danube Cruises are one of the greatest ways to see Europe, even if you have already been there before. The truth is that the majority of the people are used to seeing only the metropolitan areas, such as London and Paris, and they forget about the rivers and small towns. There is tremendous potential in the touristic aspect of the Danube, and that is why many companies now offer their many Danube Cruises, where they bring the travelers down the river. Moreover, the Danube River stretches just about 1,785 miles and has tributaries that run through Romania, Croatia, andGermany, among others.

Danube River: State of Relaxation

The reason why the majority of the people choose one of the Danube Cruises is the fact that the river allows them to relax completely. Even if you’re standing outsideon the deck gazing at the wonderful green background, you will see others doing the exact same thing as you. If you happen to book your tour with one of the luxurious Danube Cruises, you will even have a wonderful French balcony right outside your deluxe suite, where you can have a cup of coffee as you see the European castles in the distance. There is no doubt that choosing one of the many Danube Cruises can give you the best vacation imaginable, and this experience can be even more gratifying if you travel with your significant other.

Looking for the Right Cruise Tour

When you start looking at the different tours offered by the many Danube Cruises, you will see that some of them can last only four days, while others may last up to 32 days. Certainly, the longer that you decide to cruise the Danube, the more money you will have to pay, but keep in mind that the majority of them are all-inclusive, which means that they cover your meals and your drinks. If you happen to have no idea about the cruise lines that offer the different tours, make sure to review the following list that includes a few of the well-knownDanube Cruises:

  • Avalon Globus Imagery Danube
  • Christmas on the Danube
  • Passage to Eastern Europe
  • Danube Waltz
  • Romantic Danube
  • UniworldBucharest-Basel
  • Christmas in the Heart of Germany from Prague to Frankfurt
  • The Legendary Danube

Packing Your Clothes

If this is your first time going on one of the Danube Cruises, then you’re probably wondering what type of clothes you should bring with you. This depends mostly on the time of the year that you’re making your trip, because if you travel sometime between May and September, the temperature will be quite high. Therefore, you should pack shorts and comfortable t-shirts, along with your flip flops and sandals. However, if you decide to book one of the Danube Cruises that takes place anywhere from October to April, then you should pack warm clothes because the temperature will be low, especially during Christmas. Finally, always make sure to pack a couple casual garments in case you want to go to a fine restaurant to have dinner.




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