Danube River Cruises Vienna Budapest

Planning the perfect vacation is something that should be a very fun experience, rather than a tedious task. Depending on your preference, you may choose to spend a few days on the beach, or perhaps book a reservation on a sophisticated cruise ship. Some of the most popular cruises are the ones that take you to visit the Caribbean islands or the Bahamas and Bermuda. Nevertheless, more people are starting to give river cruises a try, especially those that take place in Europe. The majority of the people that have visited Europe have not had the chance to cruise down their many rivers, such as the wonderful Danube River that runs from west to east. If you enjoy the cold weather and you’re looking where to spend the Christmas Holidays, Danube River Cruises Vienna Budapest may have the perfect tour for you.

Going on Your First River Cruise

Going on a river cruise does not differ that much than going on an ocean cruise, but you will see a difference in the design of the ship. As you probably know, rivers happen to be narrow, while oceans are wide open; therefore, the cruise ships that are used for the Danube River Cruises Vienna Budapest happen to be narrower than the regular ocean cruise ships. This design, however, makes river cruises look a lot more sleek and sophisticated, especially those that offer luxurious suites with private French balconies. Without a doubt, if you choose your Danube River Cruise Vienna Budapest package well, you will definitely enjoy one of the best vacations of your life, and if you’re able to go with your friends or family, you will have memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Choose Europe?

Perhaps you’re wondering what the reasons are for you to choose among the Danube River Cruises Vienna Budapest, rather than the Caribbean ocean cruises. Certainly, there are numerous advantages that make the River Danube cruises a lot more attractive, starting by the fact that you will get to see more of Europe if you choose to cruise down the river. Some of the reasons are:

  • Danube River Cruises Vienna Budapest are known to be hassle free
  • There are countless packages where to choose from
  • Post-tours availability to see even more of Europe
  • All-inclusive packages
  • Bundling available – pay one fee for your flight and cruise
  • Cultural richness

Seeing More than Just Vienna and Budapest

Even if you purchase a particular Danube River Cruise Vienna Budapest, just the fact that you will be cruising down the Danube River means that you will see a lot more than just Vienna and Budapest. Without a doubt, Vienna has been known for hundreds of years as the largest city of Austria, while Budapest is famous for its Fisherman’s Bastion. Depending on the particular Danube River Cruise Vienna Budapest that you choose, you will get to see other cities and landmarks in the entire river coast region, such as:

  • Melk – see the Benedictine Abbey
  • Bratislava – see St. Martin’s Cathedral
  • Grein, Austria
  • Dürnstein, Austria

Before you get on your chosen Danube River Cruise Vienna Budapest ship, you will be welcomed with an elegant reception, where you will get to meet fellow travelers.




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