Cruises Danube River

The majority of people want to be able to visit the Old Continent, at least once in their lifetime. Most of them are probably thinking about visiting world-known cities like Paris or London, but there is a lot more to see in Europe than the large metropolitan areas. If you really want to dare your adventurous side, and you want to do something that not too many people have done, you should book a tour with one of the many cruises Danube River. Moreover, all the cruise lines that offer tour packages down the Danube River have established their online sites, where at times they offer large discounts of up to 50%.

Why Cruise the Danube?

The Danube River has been around for thousands of years, you can read about it in the historical accounts of the Roman Empire. The main reason why cruises on the Danube River are so popular today is the fact that they allow you to see a lot of Europe, where you not only gaze at wonderful valleys but also at stunning castles.

Moreover, imagine being able to see ten different European countries all in the same cruise trip? Well, that’s one of the reasons why cruises Danube River are popular; the river acts as a border for the following countries:

  • Romania
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Bulgaria
  • Slovakia
  • Croatia
  • Moldova
  • Hungary
  • Ukraine
  • Serbia

Comparing Cruise Tours and Prices

Certainly, it’s important that you shop around before booking one particular Danube River cruise, especially because there are so many available for you. Some of them are shorter in length, and thus, less expensive, but there are others that may extend to about three weeks. Perhaps the most important factors that you ought to consider are time and money; if you have a comfortable budget and can take three weeks off work then you should consider taking one of the long cruises Danube River. Feel free to compare the following cruise tours and their prices:

  • Avalon Danube River Vienna-Budapest – 4 days $949
  • Avalon Danube River Nuremberg-Vienna – 7 days $1,699
  • Viking Danube River Nuremberg-Budapest – 8 days $2,168
  • UniworldDanube River Budapest-Passau – 8 days $2,249
  • Avalon Globus Danube River Prague-Vienna – 9 days $$2,019
  • Amawaterways Danube River Prague-Budapest – 12 days $2,474
  • Avalon Danube River Zurich-Nuremberg – 16 days $3,998
  • Uniworld River Danube Extended Bucharest-Basel – 29 days $9,399

Getting Prepared to Cruise the Danube

If this is your first time taking a river cruise, then you might be wondering about the type of clothes that you should pack. The majority of the advertised cruises Danube River are in business during the warm months, which means that you can feel free to pack clothes for warm weather, such as short, t-shirts and capris. However, keep in mind that all cruise ships have a fine diningrestaurant where food is served a la carte and guests are expected to dress nicely. Therefore, it’s suggested that you pack a few casual garments, along with a sweater or a light jacket in case the breeze makes you feel a bit chilly when standing out in the deck to gaze at the wonderful European scenery.




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