Blue Danube Cruises

Certainly, you have heard about the cruises that sail off from Miami looking to make stops by Jamaica and the Bahamas. These ocean cruises have been popular for some time but more people are starting to discover the excitement of river cruises, such as those that sail the rivers of Europe. Some of the most popular ones are the Blue Danube Cruises, which can take you to see up to ten different countries in the European continent, and the main attraction of the Danube is the fact that it borders with so many areas. Moreover, the trip will be packed with wonderful sceneries, as well as architectural beauties of old cathedrals and castles.

The River That Inspired John Strauss II

John Strauss II was an Austrian composer that produced more than 500 pieces of music, and among them is the marvelous waltz known as The Blue Danube. Strauss composed the waltz in 1866 and even though it was performed in public right the next year, it didn’t receive wide acceptance right away. However, years later it would be determined that The Blue Danube is one of the most consistent pieces of music, which has managed to survive through the wild changes in music genres. Consequently, you can enjoy the same inspiration that Strauss experienced by booking your trip with one of the most popular Blue Danube Cruises.

Cruising Along the Beautiful Blue Danube

As you can see, the river didn’t just inspire Strauss and his music, but also has allowed many different companies establish their own Blue Danube Cruises. As a tourist, you will have a variety of packages where to choose from, and depending on the length of your trip, you may be able to see several European cities and towns. One of the most beautiful experiences when cruising on the Blue Danube is being capable of drinking a glass of wine as you see the sun set behind the majestic valleys. If you happen to enjoy the cold weather and you decide to go on your Blue Danube Cruise during Christmas time, you will definitely enjoy seeing the famous Christmas markets in the small riverside towns.

Choosing Your Blue Danube Cruise

Since there are so many different Blue Danube Cruises that offer different tours, it might be a bit overwhelming for you at first. However, once you determine the amount of money you can spend, and the time of the year when you would like to make your trip, the options will narrow down and it will be easier for you choose one. The majority of the Blue Danube Cruises are offered in tours that can take anywhere from four days up to 32 days, being the last one very expensive. Moreover, these packages are usually all-inclusive, which means that you won’t have to worry about having to pay separately for meals or drinks. Also, if you like to travel with luxury there are a few Blue Danube Cruises that offer luxury suites with French balconies. Some of the major cruise lines are:

  • Viking River Cruises
  • Uniworld
  • Avalon




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