Rhine Danube Cruises

Every year, thousands of people go on different types of cruise tours around the world, but the majority of them seem to be those that cruise the oceans. Nevertheless, cruise ships don’t only sail salt waters but also the streams and rivers in different parts of the world, and it seems that more people are starting to choose river cruises over ocean ones. The Rhine Danube cruisesin Europe are among the most popular ones because they offer a wonderful journey, where the tourists can see the beauty of the green valleys of Europe. In addition, river cruise ships happen to be narrower and can only transport about 200 passengers, which means you have greater chances of making good friends onboard.

Cruising Two Majestic Rivers

There are people that have taken the Danube Cruise, while there are other people that have decided to take the Rhine Cruise. However, it’s possible to merge both tours and create one single mega cruise that runs just about 2,200 miles. The Danube by itself measures about 1,785 miles long while the Rhine only measures 766 miles, but they both represent some of the most important bodies of water of the European region. History books make it clear how the Roman Empire depended on the Rhine to transport their goods, and when cruising on either one today, you can still see the many castles that are still standing. Furthermore, the Rhine Danube cruises usually sail off from Amsterdam and continue all the way to the Danube Delta, which happens to be at the Black Sea.

Choosing the Popular Rhine Danube Route

There are several routes to take when going on a Rhine Danube cruise, but there is one particular route that happens to be more popular than the others. Some of the details of the popular routeRhine Danube cruises usually take are the following:

  • Sails off from Amsterdam
  • Cruises half way down the Danube
  • Shorter than the full route that takes up to 4 weeks
  • Has duration of 10 days
  • Visits the most interesting parts of Rhine-Danube
  • Cruises all the way to Budapest

Furthermore, you may also choose two separate trips in which you first take the Rhine River Cruise, and once it’s completed, you move on to the Danube River Cruise.

Finding Cruise Tours Online

When you’re ready to book one of the Rhine Danube cruises, you may be able to find the best deals online. If you happen to be in the United States, you’re better off by making use of a trusted travel site or by visiting the cruise line’s website where you can purchase your ticket directly. The majority of the sites that offer the Rhine Danube cruises are quite interactive, and they allow you to see the different dates and schedules, along with the total price per person. Nevertheless, if you are traveling with a group, you should contact the cruise line directly so they can grant you a discount; once you’re ready use your credit card to pay for yourRhine Danube Cruise tickets!



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