River Cruises on the Danube

Taking a cruise tour can be an unforgettable experience that should be shared with close friends or family. In the last few years, more people have taken the opportunity to go on one of those marvelous river cruises on the Danube, where they gaze at the beautiful European castles and palaces. Whether you’re planning your next vacation or you’re in search of the perfect honeymoon package, River Cruises on the Danube are by far the best choice, especially because the cruise will take you through several European cities. In addition, you may choose to travel in luxury by purchasing the Deluxe Danube Cruse Tour package.

Going on an Amazing Trip

Going on vacation is always a fantastic experience because you’re taking a break from your routine. If you want to know what it feels like to go on an amazing tripthat will leave you memories that will last forever, make sure to schedule a river cruise on the Danube.Once you’re on the water, you will enjoy the pleasant music that will be constantly playing on the ship, or you can head to the buffet to try different types of meals. The majority of the river cruises on the Danube are all-inclusive, which means that you can enjoy as many meals and as many drinks as you want, since you already paid for it. If you enjoy wine tasting, you will be able to taste the delicacy of gourmet cheese and wine as you gaze over at thestunning European scenery.

Getting to See Europe from the Water

Millions of tourists visit Europe every year but the grand majority of them fly in via airplane, and then move around in a rented car. If you really want to do things differently, you should look into booking a ticket with the many different river cruises on the Danube; some of the trips are going Eastbound, where they sail the waters for 12 days, giving you plenty of time to see the beauties of Europe from the water. Some of the places that you will see on your river cruises on the Danube are:

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Passau, Germany
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Ancient Regensburg
  • Salzburg, Austria

Popular Danube Cruises Tours

When you start looking for river cruises on the Danube, you will notice that there is quite a variety of packages available for you. Some of them are offered only during specific times of the year, while others only cover one side of the river. Moreover, you shouldn’t be discouraged when you see the many different options of packages that you can purchase. Start by setting a budget and take it from there when going through the price list of river cruises on the Danube. Some of the most popular packages are:

  • Christmas on the Danube –8 day duration and only offered in December
  • The Romantic Danube – 12 day duration starting out at Prague
  • The Blue Danube Discovery –13 day duration starting out at Prague
  • Scenic Western Danube –11 day duration covering:
    • Prague
    • Nuremberg
    • Regensburg
    • Vienna
    • Budapest



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